Muharram the First


Assalamu Alaykom Warahmatu Allah wabarakatoh..

Every time a new year begins, we wonder: How fast time is!  As if the first day of the last year was just yesterday. When we take a look at the future, it seems a very long period. So we spend our days and hours by just wasting our time. But, when another year passes, we say it went in the twinkling of an eye.

Every time we go after something in this world and we get it, we go after another. So, we always go after what we’ll never get, till the last day of our lives comes. It will be as if we lived for just an hour, and we’d say: “We lived for just a day or part of a day”..

So why don’t we take a break in this day to think and meditate? Thus, we take a look behind to see what we have accomplished, and we look forward to make plans. In this way, we can do, in the following years, all the good deeds that we couldn’t do in the previous years.

This world is like a train station. And whenever the train comes and we have to catch it, it won’t matter how much the station was comfortable. Therefore, what really matters is the perpetration we make for our last trip. And the least important is any benefit we gain that would vanish the moment the train departs..


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  1. so true!! wonderful post and a reminder all of us need from time to time…to take a break from the race where we’re all so busy running nonstop after the worldly benefits…and cherish and value the true beauties of life that will be carried forward with us when the train departs…best wishes for the new year!! ..

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