Do you love cats?



 Do you know who Abdurrahman bin Sakhr Addawsy is?

It was narrated by Kabsha daughter of Kab ibn Malik, and wife of the son of Abu Qatada al-Ansari-, that once Abu Qatada was visiting her and she poured out some water for him to do wudu (ablution) with. Just then a cat came to drink from it, so he tilted the vessel towards it to let it drink. Kabsha continued, “He saw me looking at him and said, ‘Are you surprised, daughter of my brother?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ He replied that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘cats are not impure. They intermingle with you.’ “

So, cats are not unclean or impure. And they’re harmless and useful.

Besides, cats are beautiful nice cute creatures that everybody loves, including me.

And because Islam is so merciful with animals and among them cats, it gives reward for anything good you do for them. According to Islam, it’s forbidden to harm, hunger, exhaust, or kill -for pleasure- animals. Islam also prohibits branding them, hitting them in the face, and provoking them against each other. In addition, anyone who’d mutilate animals, or consider them a target of shooting will be damned.

Caring about animals reaches its highest point in Islam when God makes it a reason to go either to heaven or to hell. Thus, a woman was put to hell because of cat she imprisoned till it died of starvation, and another woman was put to heaven because of a dog she gave water to. Furthermore, Muslims’ concern of animals is so much great to the extent that they identify themselves with animal they love and take care of. This is why Abdurrahman bin Sakhr Addawsy, the major authority on Hadith, was called “Abu Hurayrah”, literally translates to “cat man” or “father of cats”.


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